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Balloons Delivery Prague

Are you planning a party, and you are only sure about the restaurant and guest list? Get the rest done with us! From coloured cups to inflatable foil numbers.

Balloons of various sizes, colours and shapes can be easily inflated in our store by helium and we can also deliver them to the designated place. If you decide to inflate them with air, we can make it easier. We also offer balloon accessories such as clips, stands or pumps for easier inflating.

If you choose to inflate the helium balloons, we recommend choosing a foil balloon. Compared with the classic latex it will last much longer and it can also be blown up again. To compare - common latex balloons will last in the air for about twelve hours, while foil one up to several weeks. And what is helium? It is a non-toxic and non-explosive gas, which uses its extremely low density and inert behaviour to fill balloons (the helium balloon is flying upwards).

We offer the following options for balloon inflating:

  • personal collection at our branch and inflating by helium on the spot
  • personal collection of the goods and infusion of a large number of balloons with helium or air in advance (transfer in advance on our account or cash upon delivery).
  • delivery of inflated balloons in the city of Prague
  • sale of balloon sets for home infusions by helium


(Price only for helium, the balloon itself is not included)

Latex balloons

1-20 pieces: 25, - CZK / pc

21-100 pieces: 23, - CZK / pc

101 and more: 20, -Kč / pc

Foil balloons

By type and size of the balloon: from 35 CZK / pc

Delivery cost: 380, - CZK


For larger orders, we recommend that you fill out the on-line order request in time. Then pay to the account and afterwards pick up the goods at the branch, or have it delivered. If the order is very urgent, come personally to the store and we will inflate the balloons for you right away.


In Prague, we are happy to bring balloons to your destination if the order is created at least 24 hours in advance. We accept weekend orders only from Monday to Friday between 10:30am and 7:00pm.


(remove XX) info XX @party-vyzdoba XX .cz 

+420 720 980 920